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WHAT IS NEW YORK GIVES DAY? New York Gives Day is a 24-hour online challenge to celebrate nonprofits across the state of New York. FOCUS along with other nonprofits across the Empire State will work together to raise awareness, collect donations, and build a stronger sense of philanthropy throughout our local community. The challenge will be held on #GivingTuesday, Tuesday, November 29th, 2016. Giving takes place online at www.NYGivesDay.org. NEW YORK G I V E S D A Y #NYGIVESDAY


Why Give?

All faith traditions teach that hospitality to the poor, the stranger and the sick is of vital importance.

Your donation to FOCUS Churches will ensure that. 

Make a Difference in the FOCUS Interfaith Food Pantry at Emmanuel Baptist Church (275 State Street):

As a member of the Food Pantries of the Capital District and the Food Bank of Northeast New York, we can purchase food very cheaply (supplemented by donations) and our wonderful volunteers keep us going with minimal staff.

When you donate:

  • $20 will provide 3 days of food (9 meals) for one person.
  • $40 will provide 6 days of food (18 meals) from the pantry for one person.
  • $65 will provide 10 days of food, the maximum monthly amount an individual can receive.
  • $80 will buy enough food to provide a household of two with 6 days of food.
  • $100 provides 47 meals.

Why Give? The FOCUS Advocacy Effort

FOCUS Churches was founded as a cooperative effort of four Center Square congregations trying to respond to the destruction of housing in the South End, during the building of the Empire State Plaza. Many people lost their homes, their jobs and their ability to feed themselves and pay other bills. That was a crisis, demanding a crisis response.

Now, 50 years later, with six covenant congregations and 6 faith affiliates from four different religions (Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh), we find our Breakfast Club and the FOCUS Interfaith Food Pantry are just as necessary. We are not dealing with a crisis anymore: this is a systemic problem, caused by low wages, the lack of affordable housing, the lack of jobs and education, the lack of effective assistance for those who really need it.

One of our moto’s is “Charity and justice, hand in hand.”

Giving away more and more food will not solve the problems of the poor. Charity is a necessary, but inadequate, response.

We advocate for and with our guests and neighbors, believing hunger and poverty are moral issues and government budgets are moral documents. Sadly, our public priorities are not concerned with the hungry and homeless or the single Mom working 2 part-time jobs and still not receiving a living wage (or benefits).

We offer educational and training programs for your congregation or group on hunger, economic justice, racial justice, hospitality to the poor and more!

You can be part of the solution, both by donating today and by signing up to be a FOCUS Advocate.Contact: joep@focuschurches.net