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One of FOCUS' greatest strengths-- our volunteers!


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Summer Appeal

Many of us look forward to summertime's vacations but hunger and poverty in Albany does not take a break.

50th Gala Celebration

FOCUS is asking for your support. Together, FOCUS works to lift and sustain the most vulnerable among us.

Call the FOCUS office: 443-0460 to register. $50 reservation.

FOCUS has strengthened our community for a half century, and we will need its continuing presence. Your support is essential.

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FOCUS 2017 Summer Appeal

The hospitality you help to make possible opens a door to many other possibilities for those in need, whether in the FOCUS Interfaith Pantry or the Breakfast Club.

Consider the following:

$40 provides 6 days of meals for 1 person, including fresh produce and milk.

$50 buys breakfast and a bag lunch for 25 people

$75 provides one day of hot breakfast for our average of 120 guests

$100 buys ingredients for 47 healthy meals from the pantry, nearly 16 days

$100 will feed all our breakfast guests at BEX for a day.

$120 will provide a family of three with meals for six days from the pantry

$225 buys hot breakfast for 3 days for 120 guests

• FOCUS Advocates continue to speak truth to power, working in coalition with local, statewide and national advocacy groups to enact public policies that move beyond charity to seek justice for all.  Our collective voice makes a difference in the fight against hunger and poverty as we work to empower the poor.

• Gardening in a Bucket For Kids is back “on the road” to local family homeless shelters, Albany public schools and more.  Last year, you helped reach over 150 families with this fun and educational project that promotes healthy eating.

• FOCUS on School Supplies Project—Each August,  you help us provide about 250 children from low income households with the basic supplies each student needs to begin school.

Thank you for your gift. You are making a difference for many!

50th Anniversary Gala, October 28, 2017

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the FOCUS Churches of Albany! 

In 1967 a concerned group of clergy, church members and citizens joined together to address the needs of the hungry and homeless in Albany. Recognizing that one church, or group of individuals, could not successfully address these issues alone, the FOCUS churches joined together.  Today there are six covenant churches, six interfaith food pantry affiliates, and numerous other faith communities who support the work and mission of FOCUS.

Contribute to FOCUS

Send a check made out to FOCUS to:

c/o FOCUS Treasurer


275 State Street

Albany, NY 12210

Honor Someone

If you wish to honor someone with a donation to FOCUS, please send a check along with the following information:

  • What FOCUS program the donation is for (FOCUS Interfaith Food pantry, FOCUS Winter Breakfast, or other)
  • Whether the donation should be labeled “grateful for,” “in memory of,” “in celebration of,” or “in honor of.”
  • Who or what you wish to honor with your donation.
  • Whether you wish to be listed as your name or anonymous.

Gifts will be listed in the next FOCUS Newsletter after we receive your donation.

Contributions by check may be sent directly to the FOCUS Financial Secretary, made out to FOCUS. Donations are tax-deductible. Send to the following address:

c/o FOCUS Treasurer


275 State Street

Albany, NY  12210


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