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All our FOCUS volunteers follow a simple process. First we would like you to fill out the following form so that we may get your basic info. Our volunteer coordinator, Belinda will then personally contact you and give your a tour. Once you have met with Belinda you may then sign up for your volunteer slots with Belinda or by clicking the Serve Now button which will take you to the online sign-up option. Thank you!

1. You must first fill out the volunteer application.

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FOCUS Programs you are interested in:
Food PantryBreakfast ExpressWinter BreakfastAdvocacyFundraising/EventsSchool Supply ProjectGardening in a Bucket for Kids

License Plate Number for Parking Purposes

Are you a member of the FOCUS faith community? Where?

How did you hear about FOCUS volunteer opportunities?

Are these required Hours?

Did you receive and understand the Volunteer Handbook?

Name and Date

2. Belinda, our FOCUS Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.

3. Belinda will set up an appointment to meet with you and give you a tour.

4. Belinda will set you up to shadow someone for  the volunteer position you are interested in.

5. You will be given a choice of time slots to sign up for.

Directions to the FOCUS Office